Hello world! Welcome to Paradise!

19 05 2010

Hello world! Paradise Gardens Wildlife Refuge is an animal rescue center located in Boquete, Panama. We are one of the few wildlife rescues in Panama so we have the amazing opportunity to help animals native to all parts of Panama, from the Darien Jungle to Bocas del Toro. Of course we also get many local animals from the Boquete, David and Chiriqui region as well. Our goal is to rehab and release all animals that we can. Unfortunately some animals cannot be release due to permanent physical damage, too much human contact (as is the case with some wildcats taken from their dens as infants and kept as pets) or their endangered status. We have a breeding program for Scarlett Macaws, licensed by ANAM (the environmental and wildlife regulation agency of Panama) in hopes of eventually replenishing the dwindling population of these magnificent birds in Panama. Paradise Gardens Wildlife Refuge is entirely volunteer run and entirely donation funded. None of the volunteers here at the wildlife refuge receive any salary and the upkeep of the animals is dependent on these volunteers and donations from visitors and supporters. Here on our blog we will be sharing with you the tales (and photos and videos!) of our rescue animals. Check back with us soon for our first posts!




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