New Video: Rescue Tucan, Since Released

13 07 2010

Just found this video on YouTube. Before I arrived here the two toucans that lived here were main attractions. This particular guy was released in La Fortuna Reserve by Lost and Found Ecolodge. We’ve released several toucans there and by Alouatta Lodge with the howlers, but we don’t have any here at the moment. They are a bit difficult to keep here on the property – they need a lot of space, so ideally the aviary would be a good spot for them. But unfortunately they eat other birds, usually babies in nests, so we can’t put them in the aviary. Like with most animals, each one that comes in we have to re-examine all the cages and figure out where they best fit in.

Thanks, minubeviajes, for posting this video!

P.S. This is a keel-billed toucan, common to the coastal areas of Panama, sometimes seen around Boquete but not often.




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