About Us

Paradise Gardens is an animal rescue center located in Boquete, Panama. We are not a zoo, we do not buy and sell animals. We receive animals from all over Panama, from the Darien to Coiba, Bocas to Panama City. Many are injured, sick or have been taken from their natural habitat and kept as pets until they become inconvenient. Almost all have been hurt by humans, intentionally or not. Many are the victims or orphans of dog attacks. We aim to rehabilitate and release all animals. Because we oppose the trade of these wild animals as pets animals that cannot be fully rehabilitated and released into their natural habitats will be kept here, not sold. Non-native animals that have been imported and abandoned will also be kept here as they cannot be released in Panama and we don’t have the resources to repatriate them.

We are completely volunteer run and donation funded. Ryan and Jen are the current resident volunteers at Paradise Gardens, they live on the property with their two children. They do not own the property which is owned by a local company and is up for sale. However they have committed to stay here until the property sells and care for the animals until other arrangements are made. The buyer of the property will of course have discretion as to how the property is used but all of us volunteers here at Paradise Gardens are hoping that whoever buys it will have the heart and they money to keep it as a wildlife rescue.

To maintain the animals here it costs a minimum of 95 dollars a day. This must be covered by donations, usually from visitors to the park. We do not receive any funding from the Panamanian Government or ANAM or any international or national funds. We rely on individuals to cover our budget and any extra expenses we might have such as visits to the vet and medical supplies.

In addition to helping animals we have another goal: to educate people about Panamanian wildlife, the pet trade and the dangers that the natural wildlife of Panama faces today.

Our mission statement: Paradise Gardens is a group of animal loving volunteers whose mission is to rescue, provide sanctuary for, and if possible, ultimately release back into the wild , abandoned, abused, and injured animals. By involving and educating the community, Paradise Gardens works to raise awareness of the tremendous effort it takes to care for animals that have been failed by humans, in such ways as illegal trade, deforestation, cruelty and ignorance on the part of humans.

Our vision is to create a world where the animals we share it with are treated with respect and understanding and where habitat is preserved to ensure the indefinite survival of these creatures. In creating such a world, we hope the same principles will carry over into the way humans treat each other.


One response

2 08 2010
gloria Carruth

Hi Ryan and Jen-
What a God send you and Paradise Gardens are! While in my research of moving to Boquete, I saw the ad of “For Sale” and was stunned. How could such a haven be sold? I am so praying for you, the volunteers and new owners- to- be that everything stay in place.
As I have been active in bird rescue for 14 years now, amongst other critters,
I am so excited to find somewhere to volunteer so close. While it is going to be months, I look forward to meeting you!
Take care-

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