They grow up so fast! (possums on their own now)

31 05 2010

So those baby possums that I know y’all thought were just so cute… they only arrived two weeks ago, as infants (or so we thought, but maybe we underestimated their age) and now… they’ve been released, off to the big world. Of course we just released then in the ravine behind the house so they are always welcome back here and they have an abundant supply of fruit and seeds right here (we leave out fruit and seeds for the birds and the other animals that are wondering around… coatis, agoutis, kinkajous and of course mice). Anyway, since Monday they have been eating plenty of solid food, refusing milk and running, crawling, hissing, biting, climbig. All the things baby possums ought to be doing. And of course they have been pooping on their own, an essential skill for anyone moving away from home!

On Wednesday night one of them escaped. We opened the cage to feed them and the girl with the stitch on her back scrambled out. We tried to catch her but she was so fast and just got away… she scrammed out of the cage, under the cage and then hustled up the back and over the coati cage. We ran around the other side of the coati cage but she was already gone. We searched with flashlights (she still seemed so little!) but she was long gone! So a bit of an accidental release but hopefully her skillful escape indicates her readiness to be out in the wild.

The other two were ready to go on Saturday night. We’d been calling them Gracie and Vin Diesel, Gracie after the famed Irish woman pirate and Vin Diesel because of the way the little boy hissed. Such attitude! Wish them well! Goodbye Gracie and Vinnie!