Happy Birthday, Jen

11 07 2010

Happy Birthday, Jen!!!!  We all love you and appreciate everything that you do.  Hope you have a wonderful day.


Best Birthday Wish Ever

29 06 2010

So a local girl named Jessica just came by with her mom. Bearing gifts… bananas, several bags of other fruit, rope for the animals to play on/with and cash. Wahhooo! But why?

Jessica turned 12 on the 24th of June. And for her birthday she asked for people to bring gifts for Paradise Gardens. And they did, and today she brought all the loot by here. What a generous birthday wish! What an awesome gift for Paradise Gardens, not only the bananas and fruit and rope and cash but also knowing that people are so awesome and will forgo other birthday presents in favor of giving back to the animals. Amazing, awesome, inspiring.

Thank you Jessica! And Happy Birthday!